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Club Guadalajara

Jumping on the Bandwagon? Show Your Colors with a Chivas Jersey

As the most popular club in México, you might not be able to claim the spot of being the biggest Chivas fan—you’ve got a lot of competition!

However, a brand new, red, blue, and white Chivas jersey can help you plead your case! From the red and white stripes of the original home jersey to the Spiderman red and blue of their third alternative shirt, feel like an original fan—and player by bearing their colors with pride.

Entering Estadio Chivas with your newest jersey and loudest soccer spirit can help you fit right into the masses—but still stand out.

We Offer Original Chivas Jerseys

Whether you opt for the striped home jersey or the bold red and blue patterns of the away and alternative kit to help you rep the over 100-year old club, we’ve got every Chivas jersey you need here! 

 What makes us different than your run-of-the-mill soccer store? Our jerseys are 100 percent original. We want to harness your passion—and pride—with the real deal.

 You thrive on that connection with your team’s best players. We give you that connection.

 So whether you’re looking to jump on the bandwagon for the next C.D. Guadalajara match or if you’re looking for a jersey that represents what’s on the inside and on the outside, we have what any true (or new) fan would need or want: original!

 No matter if you’re flying solo or want to buy a few jerseys for your group of fan-friends, we have the jerseys to equip you to cheer Chivas on in their next big game.