Both soccer stars center forwards Robert Lewandowski and Luis Suarez, who are well into their years have continued to prove that age is nothing but a number on the pitch.


From tricky, slick Lewandowski’s game-winning goal that cheered Bayern off in a historic win in London to Suarez's  comeback two goals after his team was in a deficit.


These three goals between the two of them show that even though they both have years of experience, they use it to their advantage rather than have it weigh them down.


Although it’s expected that a center forward's productivity nosedives when you hit your 30s—with a decline in stamina, quickness, speed, and agility, but their technique and mental understanding that still keep them on top.


Although Suarez isn’t off projected as the “calm” type, is age is giving him a sense of serenity in front of the goal, helping him notch his half of the joint total of over 1,400 games as professionals for the pair of them.  


Both Suarez and Lewandowski show that with age, although other traits tend to fade, others show up and compensate—and do it well. Fine-tuned technical ability over everything!