The MLS Heating Up in Miami


It’s no secret that England superstar David Beckham has retired in a city where the weather reminds him nothing of home: Miami, Florida.


However, this retirement isn’t like most ex-pros, with their days in the sun, laying by the beach. Instead, Beckham has opted to create and run a brand new franchise that will help him keep his passion alive: Inter Miami CF.


Set to debut in the MLS season of 2020, Beckham’s got a lot of work ahead of him, with only a few months left to go.


With the clock ticking, Inter Miami have signed their first two players—two young talents from Argentina, Matias Pellegrini, (former club Estudiantes) and Julian Carranza, (former club Banfield), both 19 and ready for the city where the heat is on.


The new team in South Florida promised through their sporting director Paul McDonough that they would have eight players on the roster by September, their self-made timeline is closing in.  Recruiting throughout Central and Latin America seems to be the hotspot—quite literally—since the appeal of Florida’s dual-speaking city is going to play host for the new season.


As for where the players will be debuting under the stadium lights? The club is vying for Miami Freedom Park—with a deadline approval looming around September 15th.