Nicknamed Restless Rudi, this German native and football legend passed away at 93 years old after having accumulated a lifetime of influencing generations of teams over a span of 55 teams in over 30 countries around the world—and holding the world record for doing so.


He also took pride of championing 18 different national teams, including Rwanda, shortly after the 1994 genocide.


An alphabet of countries in one lifetime

From Antigua to Zimbabwe, his 50-year long career began by playing for his hometown, TuS Koblenz.


Taking on the coaching side, his team-leading role began with Blue Stars Zurich in 1955. From there, he continued climbing the coaching ladder to Duisburg, Schalke, Hamburg, and Stuttgart, among many others.


From his national coaching success, he also took on the teams in South America, like Chile and Venezuela all the way to Australia and China.


However, he didn’t solely want to head the successful teams. He also humbled himself to help  national and club teams in Africa, Asia, and the Pacific.


One of his final and most famous quotes that he truly fulfilled was, "When I kick the bucket, I want my life to have been worth it. That's why I enjoyed taking the biggest risks."