For their first kick-off of a well-deserved tour, the World Cup Champions, USA, faced Ireland at Rose Bowl.

Counting as the first of five games, Pasadena saw a few reasons—live—how the world champions claimed their fame.

Although Ireland is preparing for the European Championship qualifier against Montenegro in September, it seems they’ll need a bit more training after losing 3-0.

The floodgate opened up from the 16th minute, with a header from Heath.

Throughout the game, Ireland did have their chances. After getting scored on three times in the first half, they switched to a solid defensive game, holding onto the score the entire second half.

Despite their hard-working efforts, Ireland still remains 0-13 in their record against the US.

Ireland interim manager Tom O'Connor expressed his feelings with Ireland’s team after the match:

"It's 3-0 and no one likes to lose, but I think you have to put it in context. We're playing against the world champions in their home match, on their victory tour. Overall, I'm very, very pleased with the performance and the way the girls played tonight.

Portugal is next in line for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Champions’ Victory Tour. The match will take place on Thursday, Aug. 29, at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.