Olympic Qualifying Games Moved Because of Virus


Because of the outbreak of the viral illness in Asia, the Olympic qualifying games have actually been moved away from their original location in Wuhan, China.



Reporting from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Asian Football Confederation has made a decisive decision that this round-robin group of countries, including Thailand, Taiwan, China, and Australia will be moved to a later date and different location.



The four-team group will now be scheduled to play in Nanjing on the third to the ninth of February. 



Especially since the Chinese health authorities have advised the general public to avoid crowds, this educated move is to help keep the health of the players, coaches, and all those involved safe.



This decision was actually announced pre-Geneva meeting, which is where the WHO, the World Health Organization, will be deciding if the outbreak is considered a global crisis—where more than 400 people have been reported as infected and nine people have been killed. 



The cases have also even reported as spreading to the US, South Korea, Thailand, and Japan.