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Finding the Right Soccer Cleats

Shopping at various online retailers, can leave you feeling a bit lost as you dive into the internet rabbit hole—only to leave you feeling even more lost as you come back for air—with hands empty.

 However, knowing first how to find the right shoes to suit you can help you land the perfect outdoor or indoor soccer shoes for you.

 This article can help you reach your maximum on-field potential with the right gear. To help you find the right shoes, you have to first know what kind of surface you’re going to be playing on:


  • Artificial Turf: Often seen with high school football field where soccer is also played, you will be needing AG or artificial turf soccer shoes. These are made with extra individual studs, which can help balance out the step of the athlete, which can help reduce the common pain that often comes along with playing on artificial turf. These studs are shorter than the ones that are designed for artificial grass. You can also use these shoes, which have additional cushioning if you’re playing on extremely dry grass.  


  • Artificial Grass: Different than artificial turf—quite a few northern states (or at least places where it snows) are adapting their fields to have artificial grass. These very specific shoes can also be found under the name “MG”, meaning multi-ground. These shoes are tailored to work as a hybrid shoe, with circular studs and bladed studs.


  • Firm Ground (Natural Grass): Generally speaking, you’ll need the firm ground or natural grass cleats, also called FG. This classic style often has molded studs right onto the cleat itself. These non-removable PU/TPU/rubber studs are generally going to be conical or round in shape. These are not ideal if the weather has been quite wet and the field is muddy.


  • Soft Grass: When the field’s too muddy to barely stand, you’ll need SG cleats—or soft ground cleats. Although quite similar in design to firm ground cleats, you’ll find the difference in the studs, which are generally much longer in size. This type of design is perfect for soft grass or muddy round because they add more traction so you won’t be slipping and falling all over the place. You might even notice that they are topped off with metal-tipped studs or detachable ones. Before you buy metal studs, make sure the league you play in allows you to have them!


  • Indoor Court: If you’re planning on playing indoors at futsal or simply are playing outside on the street, you’ll benefit best from indoor soccer shoes, which have a gummy rubber surface on the outsole. These are flat and are perfect for hard indoor courts—or outside hard courts. You might be reminded of a lightweight sneaker, which can even be worn while you’re not playing!  


The surface can make a whole world of difference when it comes to each player’s experience with a particular soccer shoe. Especially if you’re not used to playing on a particular surface, having the adequate equipment can help make the transition as easily as possible.

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