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Soccer Balls

Soccer ball size

Soccer balls will run from size one all the way up to size five—the larger the number, the bigger the size. Normally, with most youth players, you’ll start with a size three and move up from there. Size one soccer balls are generally used for technique work.


-    Soccer ball size 1: Can be used at all ages. Normally has a circumference of 18-20” and are used for technical work.


-    Soccer ball Size 3: Normally played with by players under 8 years old. Has a circumference of 23-24”.


-   Soccer ball Size 4: As your child grows, they are upgraded to a 25-26” ball, and play with it until normally age 13.


-   Soccer ball Size 5: With a circumference of 27-28”, this is the typical adult/full-sized soccer ball.