About us

Best Buy Soccer started as the second proposition of Marca Personal, name that was given to the company after its double meaning in Castilian, we all know that Spanish soccer has some of the best team’s that influence the world of soccer:

- A commonly used saying referring to the action of man marking in the game of soccer

-it also means… "your/my own brand"

We are an Atlanta Based Company

Best Buy Soccer is a proudly Atlanta based local company that has proven to deliver great local customer experiences as a grassroots soccer company, not only in the Spanish speaking community but in the Anglo market as well. Best Buy Soccer has done so by delivering committed customer service and the best range of soccer products from the best manufacturers in the industry at a competitive price. Best Buy Soccer’s internal management has developed soccer-focused team sales and promotional division that is becoming one of the best in the soccer industry.

Our proposition to our local customers with our 5 locations is to bridge the gap between the great selection that typical internet based company may offer and the convenience of the local touch and feel experience that we can provide.